Termite Insect

A soldier-caste Nasutitermes sp. Termite Insect, known as a “nasute” soldier. The species is found in forest undergrowth in lowland areas of Central and South America. Length 0.2 inches (5 mm).

Termite Insect Facts:

Common name: Termites (white ants)

Order: Isoptera

Class: Insecta

Subphylum: Hexapoda

Number of species: About 2,300 (44 U.S.)

Size: From about 0.2 in (5 mm) to 1 in (2.5 cm)



Key features: Social insects with kings, queens, soldiers, and workers; jaws typically used for biting and chewing; compound eyes (may be reduced or absent: antennae slim and about the same length as the thorax; membranous wings present in sexual forms, absent in workers and soldiers; soldiers often with large jaws or a snoutlike extension of the head; nymphs resemble wingless adults

Habits: Social insects with colonies of up to millions of individuals, live in the ground, often within mounds, or burrow into wood

Breeding: Winged sexual forms fly from colonies, females land and release pheromones to attract males; queens lay large numbers of eggs and are fed and looked after by workers

Diet: Fungi and decaying plant material

Habitat: Forests, savanna, semidesert, and desert

Distribution: Worldwide, but mainly tropical; just a few species in warm, temperate zones.

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Termite Insect Facts and Images

Termite Insect Facts with Images

Termite Insect Facts with Photos

Termite Insect

Termite Insect Facts with Pics

Termite Insect Facts with Pictures

Termite Insect Facts

Termite Insect Pics

Termite Insect Images


Termite Insect Photos Gallery

Termite Insect Pics

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Termite Insect Pictures Collection

Termite Insect Pictures

Termite Insect


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