Tiger moths Insect

The great  Tiger moths Insect (also known as the garden tiger moth), Arctia caja, is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Tiger moths (Arctiinae Moth) Insect Its appearance is so variable that it is rare to find two individuals with the same markings. Wingspan1.8-2.6 inches (4.5-6.5 cm).


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Tiger moths Insect Facts:

Common name: Tiger moths

Family: Arctiidae

Order: Lepidoptera

Class/Subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 10,000 (264 u.s.)

Wingspan: From about 0.5 in (13 mm) to about 3.2 in (8 cm)

Key features: Adults often among the most brightly colored of all moths; Tiger moths Insect may also be white, or drab brown or gray; wing shape very varied, sometimes long and narrow, otherwise relatively broad; proboscis often reduced in size; antennae in male pectinate or simple, always simple in female; Tiger moths hearing organs present on thorax; some species mimic other insects, caterpillars generally very hairy, some known as woolly bears

Habits: Adults either nocturnal or day active (diurnal); diurnal species often very active, feeding and mating by day; may be very prominent in localized colonies


Breeding: Courtship very complex, several species form large groups (leks) for mating by day or night; males may inflate large sacs called coremata; some derive pheromones by feeding on certain plants, eggs laid in masses or scattered randomly over vegetation; caterpillars pupate in loose cocoon formed from silk mixed with their own hairs

Diet: Adults of many species do not feed; others feed by day or night on flowers; caterpillars feed on lichens or a wide variety of plants

Habitat: Found in all habitats from coastal sandhills and saltmarshes to deserts, grasslands, forests, and mountainsides, some species most common in gardens

Distribution: Worldwide, but most abundant in the tropics.

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Arctiinae (Arctiinae Moth) Image

Tiger moths Insect

Arctiinae (Arctiinae Moth) Images Gallery

Arctiinae (Arctiinae Moth) Images

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Tiger moths Insect Facts and Photos

Arctiinae (Arctiinae Moth) Photos Gallery

Arctiinae (Arctiinae Moth) Pics

Arctiinae (Arctiinae Moth) Pictures Collection

Tiger moths Insect Pics HD Wallpapers

Tiger moths (Arctiinae Moth) Images Free Download

Tiger moths (Arctiinae Moth) Images

Tiger moths (Arctiinae Moth) Photos Gallery

Tiger moths Insect Pictures Free Download

Tiger moths (Arctiinae Moth) Photos

Tiger moths (Arctiinae Moth) Pics