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Colorful Fish Facts

Fish were thr first backbined animal to appear on earth, and they form by far the largest group of vertebrates. Unlike the other major divisions of vertebrates, however, fish are not a natural groupm they are an informal collection of 8 classes that are only distantly related to one another. A typical fish breathes, using reated to one another. A typical fish breathes using gills, has a body covered with scales, manoeuvres using fins, and is ectothermic (cold-blooded).【Fish】facts Most species live in either water or the sea, Fish Animal but a few species move between both environments.


Fish Lifespan: Siamese fighting fish: 3 – 5 years

Fish Clutch size: Siamese fighting fish: 10 – 40

Fish Speed: Ocean sunfish: 3.2 km/h

Great white shark: 40 km/h

Fish Mass: Common carp: 2 – 14 kg

Length: Siamese fighting fish: 7 cm

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