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The Treehoppers Insect One species of thorn bug, umbonia spinasa, is found in North and south Africa. The spiked shape and the green-and– red coloration both server to deter predators. Length o4 inches (10 mm).


Treehoppers Insect Facts and Photos


Common name: Treehoppers

Family: Membracidae

Suborder: Auchenorrhyncha

Order: Hemiptera

class/subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 2,400 (258 U.S.)

Size: From about 0.2 in (4 mm) to around 0.6 in (15 mm)

Key features: Easily distinguished from the other small sap- sucking bugs by the pronotum, which extends back over the abdomen; pronotum may even extend beyond the end of the abdomen and can assume peculiar shapes, with spines and odd-shaped projections giving a bizarre appearance

Habits: often sit in large groups on their food plants, often camouflaged Breeding: Females of a few species indulge in parental care of eggs and nymphs

Diet: Adults and nymphs are sap feeders, releasing honeydew as a by-product

Habitat: Forests, grassland, and deserts

Distribution: Worldwide, but concentrated in the tropics, especially those of the new world.

Treehoppers Insect Photos Gallery Collection


Treehoppers Insect Facts and Pictures

Treehoppers Insect Facts images

Treehoppers Insect Facts Pictures Gallery

Treehoppers Insect Facts Wih Images

Treehoppers Insect Facts with Photos

Treehoppers Insect Facts

Treehoppers Insect Images Collection

Treehoppers Insect Photos Gallery