Tufted Duck Bird Facts With Images

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The Tufted duck Bird is a small diving duck with a population of close to one million birds.

Tufted Duck Bird Facts:

  • Size: 45 cm
  • Voice: Rather quiet. Male has high bubbling note; female croaks
  • Range: Fairly common winter visitor through lowlands. Less common in E and S India
  • Habitat: All kinds of open water including reservoirs

Round-bodied, medium-sized diving duck with round head and very obvious head tuft. Male glossy black with broad white flanks, while female dark brown with paler flanks, white under the tail, occasionally visible in flight. Both sexes have yellow irises and black tipped grey bills. Feeds during day by diving.

Tufted Duck Bird Images:


Tufted Duck Bird image


Tufted Duck Bird


Tufted Duck

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