Vole Rodent

A vole is a small rodent. A relative of the mouse, the vole has a stouter body, a shorter, hairy tail, a slightly rounder head, smaller ears and eyes, and differently formed molars.

Vole Rodent Facts:

Nero 10 Multimedia Suite software Length: 8-12 cm

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 download Tail: 0.7-2 cm

where can I buy ABBYY Scan Station 9 Weight: 25-35 g

Social unit: Variable

Status: Least concern



Long, waterproof fur, even covering feet and ears, keeps the steppe vole warm in the cold north Asian steppes. It has a black stripe along the middle of its pale grey or cinnamon back, and pale underparts. Burrows up to 30 cm (12 in) deep give temporary shelter, while more permanent ones – 3 times as deep house grass-lined nests. There are 5 litters per year of up to 12 young.

Vole Rodent Photos Collection:


Vole Rodent Facts and Images

Vole Rodent Facts and Pics

Vole Rodent Facts with Images

Vole Rodent

Vole Rodent Facts with Photos

Vole Rodent Facts with Pics

Vole Rodent Facts with Pictures

Vole Rodent Images

Vole Rodent Images

Vole Rodent Photos

Vole Rodent Pics

Vole Rodent Pictures

Vole Rodent


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