Wallaroo Animal Facts and photos

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The Common wallaroo animal Also called the euro or hill kangaroo, the common wallaroo is found in a range of habitats, but usually in and around rocky outcrops, cliffs, and boulder the only male to breed. The gestation period is 30-31 dayspiles.

It shelters there by day, thereby surviving very hot, dry conditions, and by late afternoon moves out to forage on grasses, sedges, and other leafy foods. This wallaroo resembles other brown wallabies but may adopt a distinctive pose with shoulders back, elbows together, and wrists raised.

  • Length: 57-109cm
  • Tail: 63-90 cm (21-35 in)
  • Weight: 28-60kg (62-130 lb)
  • Social unit: Individual
  • Status: Least concern

Wallaroo Animal Photos:

Wallaroo Animal photo

Wallaroo Animal


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