Wels catfish Fish Facts and Pictures

Wels catfish Facts:

The Wels catfish Animal River Catfish Fish, Catfish is the largest predatory fish that lives in freshwater lakes and rivers. He belongs to the class of ray-ray fish, a group of somoids, a family of catfish.

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Fish catfish

Fish catfish has a long, flattened and quite powerful body, which is devoid of scales and covered with a layer of mucus, ensuring slipping and maneuverability of fish in the water space. The wide head of the catfish usually has a flattened shape. On it are small, slightly blind eyes of Wels catfish. The wide mouth of the fish is “armed” with small, but present in large numbers of teeth. Almost all soms have one peculiarity: on the jaws of this carnivorous fish there are long mustaches. The mustache of the catfish is the most important tactile organ with which the fish looks for food. Depending on the variety, which scientists number about 500, the appearance of the catfish, its coloring and dimensions can vary considerably.

How many som lives?

The life span of a catfish, which lives in natural and environmentally acceptable conditions, reaches 31, 52, and even 62 years. There are data from ichthyologists who recorded individuals who have reached the age of 74 years.

What does the catfish eat?

Fish catfish in nature prefers to conduct a bottom-line lifestyle, lying in pits with a large accumulation of silty sediments. In nutrition, he is unpretentious: the catfish eat with pleasure vegetative remains, small fishes, larvae, frogs, shells, crayfish, or mice and other animals that accidentally enter the pond. The catfish also feeds on carrion. Often he “trades” prey near old and forgotten fishing nets. A large hungry catfish can be eaten even by a dog or calf, who accidentally went into the water.

Where does the catfish live?

Fish catfish is fairly widespread in the waters of Europe and Asia, while living in rivers flowing into the sea, often swims and into their saltwater areas. Unfortunately, under such conditions, only one type of catfish can exist for a long time.

Wels catfish Fish Photos

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