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Common wombat animal Information

  • Length: 70-120 cm (28-47 in)
  • Tail:  2-3 cm
  • Weight: 25-40 kg (55-88 lb)
  • Social unit: Individual
  • Status: Least concern
  • Mass: 20 – 35 kg
  • Speed: 40 km/h

The Wombat Australia native Animal, Common wombat has a hairless nose and remarkably bear-like form A prolific burrower, its tunnel system generally has only one entrance but many underground branches, with a total length of up to 200m (650 ft).

Preferred sites are slopes above creeks and valleys Where the wombat grazes, mainly at night, on grasses, sedges, roots, and tubers. In winter, it maygraze or sunbathe by day.

Although wombats are generally solitary, and adult males tend to chase intruders from their home areas, they also seem to visit each other’s burrows on occasion.

After the offspring has left its mother’s pouch, it stays at first in a nest chamber lined with dry grass and leaves, inside the burrow.

The common wombat is not dangerous to humans, but its holes may trip horses, harbour dingoes, undermine banks, and damage rabbit-proof fences.

The common wombat usually produces a single offspring, which remains in the mother’s pouch for about 10 months, although it may return there occasionally to suckle or seek shelter. Weaning occurs at about 15 months.


The common wombats broad, kind angular head compact body, and strong limbs with Wide large-clawed feet make it an accomplished digger.

Wombat Animal Photos:

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Wombat Animal

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